Saturday, June 26, 2010

On Demand Learning for Today's "iGeneration"

I had the opportunity to review the Online School Solutions website. I honestly did not think I would like what I found. I've never been convinced that online learning is as good as traditional learning--even though I have friends whom I deeply respect who homeschool and use online learning to supplement homeschooling.  I know we can learn a lot online, but to give schooling over to online learning is a bit beyond my scope.

I started looking at the online school solutions sites for my oldest. I wondered if these classes would help supplement his learning. What I started to realize is that if Nathan begins to have too much trouble in Middle School or High School, this website would be a wonderful resource for me to have at my fingertips. Many of the courses are geared at High IQ (gifted or AP) learners. Well, what's a 2E but a gifted learner with a learning disability? I started looking at different schools available and what classes they offered. While it looks like the private online schools would cost about $1800 per year to do full time online education, individual classes are only about $250-300 per class. I was impressed at the broad scope of classes available to students.

If you need any sort of supplement to learning for your child--whether he is in public, private or home school--I'd suggest looking at this site. The information was pretty clear cut and I had the opportunity to watch a video demo of some of the techniques used. They don't leave the kids flying solo. There is support online for the kids, they can interact with other kids and adults and some of the online schools also have live people locally whom you can call if you need additional help.

Here is some information I was provided by Online School Solutions:

Today's students, known as the "iGeneration", are the first to crave and benefit from education "on demand" - or the option to choose where, when and how they want to learn.

To put it in context, the "iGeneration" has never known life without the Internet, being mobile, using avatars, IMing or choosing and watching content whether they are at home, in the car, at a football game or shopping at the mall. To reach them in their high-tech, high-touch world, many parents and educators are looking at how to rewire schools to match how the iGeneration learns.

Taking classes online is one way to give middle and high school students (and their school districts) new options to learn using preferred tools in a familiar environment, and even experience enhanced, one-on-one relationships with educators. Whether they're in need of more assistance, looking for wider range of classes or simply prefer to learn in a medium that they have grown up with, online learning can be a great way to fit your child's needs.

Students are increasingly able to take online classes in partnership with their local school districts. Schools facing budget cuts and a reduction in teachers are turning to online classes to supplement their curriculum, from offering classes for which they have no teachers, Advanced Placement® classes for students who excel, and credit recovery options for students who struggle. In fact, today there are 1 million children learning online, either part time, full time or between school terms. Additionally, more than 20 percent of schools and educational institutions around the country offer online classes today, and that number should grow by another 30 percent within a couple of years, according to industry research. (Simba Information).

KC Distance Learning (KCDL) offers online learning options to fit all types of students and learning situations.
From the home-schooled family, the student brushing up on skills to compete at the next level or the child facing challenges in traditional schools such as bullying, KCDL provides academic solutions to fit your child's needs. We welcome you to look through the website at, and then click on your state to find the online school serving your area.

A recent survey found that compared to traditional learning environments, online learning is proving to be an effective way in teaching today's "iGeneration" who live in a world of customized and instant feedback. See the results of the Student Survey here.

If you ever have a need or are interested in learning more about online schools, take a look and see what you think.

Disclosure: I received a gift card to compensate my time in researching and writing this review. The gift card does not affect my review and all personal thoughts and comments are my own.
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