Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's in a name?

We have a new art teacher at school this year. When we were at back to school night, we made Nathan introduce himself and meet her so he wasn't surprised that she is there. (Our former art teacher was part time and was able to go back into the classroom full time. We had to show him where her room is now so he knows she didn't disappear.)

When he met the teacher, she said her name was Mrs. Reed. He studied her name by the door and finally looks at her and says, "You know, if you took out the extra E in your name, it would be Mrs. Red. That would be a really artistic name."

We smiled, told him great reasoning and mentioned that he is a special little boy with a unique perspective. Then, we giggled. How sweet was that? I'm not sure if she saw the humor that we did, but I think he's a smart little cookie.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A story about life at a 2E home...

One day at the Twice Exceptional Home, a packet of information arrived from a local school called Elementary. Inside the exciting packet was the room number and name of the teacher for a little boy named Nathan. This Nathan waited with baited breath for his mother to share the big news. His mother said, "You're in Room 6A with Mrs. R." The older brother, Andrew, shouts, "You're so lucky--I only got Mrs. R for 3 weeks. You get her for a whole year!!!"

The little boy named Nathan held a brave face. Then a lip quiver started to show. Then his face crumpled and tears were streaming down his face. With a wavering voice, Nathan says, "But I wanted Mrs. S."

Thinking fast, his super mother asks, "Why did you want Mrs. S so much?"

Nathan tells mom, "Because of Reading Buddies."

"What--did you say reading buddies?"


Realization dawns on the mother who says, "Which classroom was with Mrs. S last year?"

"Mrs. B!" (Mrs. B was our teacher last year.)

Ah-ha. "Good news, Nathan. There is now one more room in last year's grade so there will be changes. You might still have Mrs. B for Reading Buddies. Besides, she moved around the corner and there's only one room between her room and your room this year. Isn't that great?!?"

"I might get Mrs. B for Reading Buddies? Cool."

Thus ends the saga of teacher assignments.

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