Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: The Autism Sisterhood

I was given a copy of this book to review for my main blog (http://www.coolestmommy.com/) but I told the author, Michele Brooke, that I would cross post to this blog since it is so relevant.

Book Name: The Autism Sisterhood: A (brief) Manual
Author: Michele C. Brooke
Price: $9.95.
Available at Amazon.com

This book is just what the subtitle suggests it is. It's a small book that fits into my big purse easily. Each chapter is short (1-2 pages) and gives another piece of instruction or information that gets to the heart of things that women in 'the sisterhood' go through.

As a mother of a child on the Autism Spectrum, I have tried some of her ideas and jotted notes of other ideas. I appreciated her theory on who makes up the Autism Sisterhood. She includes not just mothers of Autistic children, but fathers, teachers, therapists, doctors and friends who can be a sounding board or give insight or just celebrate the little things with you. I agree, the sooner you find people in your corner, the better off you are.

The chapters are as diverse as our children are. Topics range from reading skills to preparing for holidays, social stories and singing. There are practical tips that can be used with both verbal and non-verbal children.

The book is meant to be read in short bursts. I read it through the first time from cover to cover during a one hour therapy session. I was able to finish in about 45 mintues. It's a fast read and contains wonderful information and insight. Michelle Brooke mentions that this book is meant to be a quick read that you can keep in your purse because then you will have it to pass along to another person who could use it.

For those who have read books by other mothers of autistic children, Michele Brooke doesn't go into the emotional roller coaster of getting diagnosis, etc. This book isn't about the emotions or feelings of you or your child. The focus is strictly on finding ways to enter into your child's world and help them find more of our world, too. It is all practical advice and tips to help us find new ways to communicate.

I hope you'll pass the word about this book to others who could use the information contained within.

Disclosure: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Michele C. Brooke for this review.
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