Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nathan's Catch-phrase

Nathan has created a new 'catch-phrase' for himself. He wants it to be his signature line. It started when I was pretending to be Sheldon doing the Penny knocking routine (if you're lost, see the video below from the TV Show "The Big Bang Theory").

I was poking Nathan 3 times then saying, "(poke) Nathan? (poke) Nathan? (poke) Nathan?"
Nathan: Yes?
Me: Am I bugging you?
Nathan: No
I did it again...maybe two more times, then he told me he has a new catch-phrase.

"I'm too autistic to care."

I love that kid!!! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Thoughts from another Autism Mom

I know I haven't posted in forever. It seems like we have ended a lot of formal therapy and so much of what we do now is just my husband and I 'winging it' for social skills and more. But when I saw the article below, I knew I had to share with everyone. I hope you enjoy Leigh's thoughts as much as I did. 

Do you ever have a moment when you read something written by someone else that says absolutely everything as if you wrote it from your own heart. Well, yesterday I was blessed to read a post by Leigh from She answered--quite nicely--the question that we autism moms are often asked. I'm often asked if I'd like a cure for autism. The answer--NO!!!! Do I want to 'cure him'? Of what?!?!

Perhaps we need to rethink the question. He's not sick. He doesn't have a disease. If we 'cured' Nathan, what would the cure be for? If we took away his unique view on the world and the way he looks at it, wouldn't we lose the quintessential essence of who Nathan is?

My son Nathan. He doesn't
need a 'cure'--he needs
Would I love to make his road easier---YES!! But if it was easier, wouldn't we lose the things that make Nathan who he is? It's the essence of who he is that I want to hold forever. The fighter in him that never gives up...and his precious face when he succeeds. A few years back, I found another writing that moved me to the same level as Leigh's writing did today. If you would like to see about taking the road less traveled, check out the essay about Holland. 

Would I like Nathan's life to be easier? Yes, yes I would. Do I ever wish he could be as social as his sister--yes, yes I do. But not if we lost the precious boy who is an old soul in a young body. He sees things that others miss. He reads emotions and feelings of people (accurately) when they don't even realize they are feeling those emotions. He's attuned to the inner self of those he meets. He's loving and kind and truly cares about others. So why would I 'cure' that? 

So take a moment before you read this to follow Leigh on Facebook and on Twitter, then grab a tissue and read. 

If You Were Cured Tomorrow

Leigh's son Callum says "Cheese!"
for the camera when caught
"redecorating" his bedroom. 
If you were cured tomorrow, life would be easier for you.  You could eat without ritual, go anywhere without fear, and would understand everything being said – even when it isn't being said. 
If you were cured tomorrow, people wouldn’t stare.  Your play would not be questioned and corrected.  You wouldn’t feel compelled to move and shout and seek in the ways that you do.  You would sit in rooms where people talked to you instead of about you.
If you were cured tomorrow, I would ask you to explain so many things.
If you were cured tomorrow, you would gain better access to all those beautiful dreams we wished for you before we knew you.
But, if you were cured tomorrow, you would be a stranger to me.  Living a stranger’s dream.  And I would never get to see you live the dreams you have for yourself.
If you were cured tomorrow, my worries would be eased — but my heart would be broken.
Because I love you.  You you.  Not some hypothetical you.  Not the you you might have been had you not turned out to be you.  It’s all very complicated.  And it’s all very simple.
If you were cured tomorrow, I’d miss you.

**A special thank you to Leigh who granted me permission to copy her post in its entirety to share with you. Not everyone will allow you to repost their content and I am honored for this privilege. I hope you enjoy her words, too. 
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