Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quick Tips: Sensory Toys

I was sent a website by a friend of mine. This site has a lot of Sensory toys and equipment at a pretty decent price. Some of the items are cheaper than I've seen elsewhere and some are a little higher than other places.

Guess I'd suggest checking prices before you buy. Many of these are great toys/games for our 2E kiddos who tend to have some sensory issues.

Click Here for the site.

One product they have on this site is available at most stores selling toys. It's a Koosh Ball. I've tried the generic Koosh balls and I have to say, they just aren't as good. Spend the extra money to get the real Koosh Ball. I can't explain it to you, but even I know why our 2E kids love these balls so much. It's as addictive as a Slinky (another great 2E toy).

The feel is great and it stimulates their hands. Even those who perceive pain in soft stimulation tend to do well with a Koosh Ball. It's a great way to relieve stress and helps with finger/hand dexterity. If you have a child who fidgets with their hands or needs something to do with their hands while trying to listen (especially at school), try a Koosh Ball. Get a small one that they can play with while listening. It's amazing the difference it will make for many kids.

Merry Christmas!

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