Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A chuckle for your day...

A couple months ago, Nathan came to the car wearing his earplugs after school. (This is a rare occurrence because the plugs stay in his desk each night.) I found out after the fact that there had been a LOUD assembly so he wisely choose to wear his earplugs so he wouldn't be overwhelmed by the noise.

We carpool with 3 other kiddos and they were asking what he had in his ears and why. He explained they are earplugs. When asked why he needed them, he didn't say anything at first. I encouraged him to tell his friends about his 'super-powered hearing' (fancy term for Central Auditory Processing Disorder). He told me no and proceeded to tell the carpool, "I wear these because I'm artistic."

Yup, artistic...not autistic, artistic. He is the most creative little boy I know. :-)

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  1. Oh, I wish I could get my autistic one to wear ear plugs!! I think it would be very helpful for him. But he does have an ipod and if he keeps his ear phones in and a little music on, it definitely is better than nothing.


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