Saturday, September 4, 2010

You might have a visual learner when...

For vocabulary words, the kids are to know the meaning of the words and how to correctly use the word in a sentence. As we went over the vocabulary words for this week, Nathan had all the meanings correct. Until we hit "ponder". He tried to break it down that the word 'pond' was in it so maybe it was something to do with water or ponds. When we told him it's thinking hard about something, he said that it WAS like a pond.

Huh?? Pond?? Water?? For Ponder???
Sean & I don't see it. We asked Nathan to clarify.

Nathan's answer:
Well, if I remember that my brain is like a big pond and the ideas are the ducks. When I ponder, I wait for the ducks (ideas) to come into the pond (brain) and that's pondering.

Oh yeah, I think he's a visual learner.

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