Friday, May 29, 2009

Check Out 5 Minutes for Special Needs

I belong to an online blog community called "5 Minutes for Mom". I pick up some tips and contest info over there and get a fun newsletter from them. They have several sister sites about going green, books, faith, parenting, etc. A new blog just launched called "5 Minutes for Special Needs" and each week she features sites from around the web.

Here's her Around the Blogosphere Logo.

I contacted the web owner over there and told her about this site. I didn't know if I could be added to their blog roll or not. It's that not fitting in thing again. Here's a blog for special needs and those of us with 2E kids know full well their special needs---but do I really belong on the blog roll next to kids with terminal illness, life threatening illness or even other kids with full blown autism? I guess I get that 'red-headed step-child' feeling a lot of the time...even in cyberspace.

However, the web owner emailed me back and told me clearly and firmly that specail needs are special needs. She featured me in the weekly edition of the Around the Blogosphere post.
Check out the post and see what some of the other sites have to offer.

It's not confirmed, but I might be interviewed for a future post on their site. I'll let you know...

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  1. I struggle with this as well. I write over at Hopeful Parents and sometimes I just feel like I don't belong there, for the very reasons you list here. So I just write what I know and try to keep some perspective.
    TOTALLY get the "red-headed stepchild" analogy. Live.It.


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