Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Blood Work

Took Nathan in yesterday for the fasting blood draws. Also got his urine tests done over the weekend and was able to ship those out. The only test left is the hair test. Need to do that on a night when we can take him for a haircut after we get what we need. Thankfully, he needs a hair cut so we should be able to get enough. Phew!

Here are a few photos of my brave boy after the tests. He has on his THREE badges of honor.

  1. Sticker with the alligator who says, "I had lab work done today."
  2. Bandage (We had to get a new one from the lab before we left as the one they gave us originally wasn't sticking any longer. He had to get another one to show his poke.)
  3. Wristband for the blood draw. (They offered to just let him put the sticker on his shirt, but he wanted the wristband to wear and show off.)
  4. Not easy to spot, but there's a belly full of yummy breakfast.

I forgot to take a picture of Nathan's feast. He chose scrambled eggs, bacon, a doughnut and a fruit punch slushie.

He figured out during breakfast that he could sing his breakfast to the Kindermusik song his sister sang last semester. She sang, "Milk & cookies, milk & cookies, yummy in my tummy..." Nathan sang, "Eggs & bacon, eggs & bacon, yummy in my tummy. Doughnuts and slushies, doughnuts and slushies, yummy in my tummy."

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