Friday, March 13, 2009

Newsletter for 2E Parents

My sweet friend (and author), Cheryl St.John, posted about my site on her blog. She was helping me spread the word to find more parents needing resources and help. One comment came back from the founder of a 2E Newsletter.

Linda (co-founder) writes, "After raising two 2e children and struggling to find information and get help, my husband and I created a publication for parents and teachers to help them understand twice exceptionality, 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter. We've been publishing for 5 years and also have a website and send out a free monthly email briefing on 2e topics. We're working to spread the word, and little by little the awareness of who these children are and what they need to thrive is growing."

To learn more about this publication and the subscription costs, visit their website at
I've read the samples online and a teacher at school has given me articles that apply to us from her subscription. Their newsletter has experts writing articles for them and great technical information. A lot of the information is great to help educate teachers regarding a 2E child and the unique needs they bring to the classroom.


  1. The public school system where I live (Montgomery County, MD) has an excellent LDGT program (Learning Disabled/Gifted). It takes kids from elementary school and continues with them right through high school. If you don't mind, I'll put a link to your blog on the high school's blog. Perhaps other parents in this area can help out too.

  2. Merry,
    Thanks for helping spread the word. I know there is lots of technical information, but I'm hoping to get to the heart matters parents face. The 'how to' of daily life.
    Thank you for stopping by my spot on the web. Hope you'll come back soon.

  3. Hi Robyn! I'm a mom of 2 (maybe, probably 3!) 2e kids. My youngest is 4, so the jury is still out on her. :) I've also been searching for other parents to share the journey with....the ups, downs, and in betweens...and created a yahoo group for us here:

    We'd love to have you join and share with us, it's a new group and right now there are 50 or so of us from all over the country. Come say hi!



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