Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Prepared

Chalk it up to inexperienced parents. We took Nathan in to get his second allergy shot (he'll be getting one a week) and he had a really rough time of it. He kept yelling that he didn't know what to expect and he was NOT prepared. Sean took Nathan for me so I got to miss this round.

After it was over, they talked and Nathan agreed that it barely hurt at all and it was over really quickly. He no longer thinks it will be so bad to have a shot weekly. Sean tried to remind him about how we just had the first one a mere week ago at the DAN-doctor...but here's where our inexperience shows.

Nathan didn't remember getting a shot there. What?!? Cried and screamed for almost 5 minutes until we could hold him still long enough to get the shot in his arm. We talked about how brave he was for the allergy testing AND the shot the whole 3.5 hour ride home. Reminded him all week that he'd be getting one shot every week and how brave he was and how it hardly even hurt. I see how easy it is to forget...NOT!

Then we realized what he's trying to tell us in his own way. He's telling us that he doesn't remember much of that whole appointment. It's just too much for him to cope with, process and deal with that he's blanked out almost all of the 'bad stuff'. He is choosing to forget the bad and remember the good stuff. And I guess I'm glad for that, because he's still excited to go back in a couple months.

Maybe he's really teaching me a little something here. When I've had a rough experience, I tend to hold all the negative and dwell on it. I can bring up the anger and pain again and again---and sometimes I'll try to make the person who caused the pain pay for it, over and over again. Jesus said we should be like little children for His kingdom belongs to such as these. That's my life lesson for today. Remember the good stuff and block out the bad. I might not be prepared, but my guess is I'd be more loving. I know Nathan's got a lot of love to give. I know he lives every minute of life to the fullest. Yep, I guess I need to be more like my own little child.

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